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Whatsapp Kebal, the latest update against the ban, new additions, the Whatsapp Kebal application is one of the best developed versions of WhatsApp and is presented by the famous developer, the legend, with additional features and features. 
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Hello and welcome, visitors, to a creative technical blog. Today, we will present to you a new topic and a distinctive and useful article in which we will discuss the explanation of the version of WhatsApp, a distinct Kebal, as this version of WhatsApp that we will present to you today is one of the most famous and most distinguished versions of WhatsApp. 

WhatsApp kebal virtex terbaru: 

Whatsapp Kebal is what we will present to you today in this article and in this post, and we will present to you the most important features of this version and what distinguishes it from all other versions.
Whatsapp Kebal is an upgraded and improved version of WhatsApp that gives the user advanced and exclusive features that are not found in the original version of the Google Play Store. Whatsapp Kebal is one of the most famous developed versions of WhatsApp, which was developed and released by the famous developer, The Legend, where the developer added to it features and additions that made the application one of the most widely used applications in the European world.
Through Whatsapp Kebal, you can correspond with anyone for free without paying financial fees, as you can, with the click of a button, send a message or an audio clip to a person in another country, for free, other than SMS messages, which require you to pay financial fees when sending any message, and you can also apply Whatsapp Kebal allows you to make calls and send pictures and video clips for free, so you can make a group video call with friends and family with ease and fun, and you can send any picture or video clip to your friends very quickly with just one click.
Whatsapp Kebal is one of the best developed versions of WhatsApp, which, due to its features and additions, has become one of the most widely used versions. The application is characterized by many features and characteristics that make it an important application for all, as Whatsapp Kebal is characterized by a smooth and stable user interface suitable for all users, and one of the exclusive things in the application has been The modification to the user interface put contacts and chats in one section and groups in another. The case interface is in a section alone. This made WhatsApp more elegant and simple for the user, with the possibility of changing the form and the WhatsApp threads in a way that suits you through themes.
A new and exclusive addition was made in the last update of the Whatsapp Kebal application, where several other sections were added in the addition of Whatsapp Kebal, and these new additions gave the application a strong push forward and made it compete with everyone with its exclusive features and new additions in each update.

Apk whatsapp kebal virus: 

In these paragraphs, we will explain to you the features that distinguish Whatsapp Kebal and the new additions, and what distinguishes Whatsapp Kebal from other similar versions.
What distinguishes Whatsapp Kebal from other versions is the security within the application, as Whatsapp Kebal is very secure and preserves the privacy of users from monitoring or the like, and this has increased the users’ confidence in this wonderful application.
Whatsapp Kebal contains a feature that is not present in the original version, and one of the most important features is the addition of a feature that allows the user to download cases, images, and video clips that they watch with friends with the click of a button.
An important feature has also been added, which is to prevent your friends from knowing that you have viewed their WhatsApp statuses, as it will not appear to them that you have viewed the status.
Also, one of the important features is the ability to show deleted messages, so if someone sends you a message, a picture, or a video clip, and then deletes it from everyone, it will not be deleted from you, and it will appear to you that he sent the message and deleted it, and you can also see the deleted stories.
There is also a feature that allows the user of Whatsapp Kebal to hide the activity and also hide that you have seen the message or that you are listening to the audio clip, and also hide that you are writing. This is an important feature and is not present in all copies, but it is present in the Whatsapp Kebal application.
And Whatsapp Kebal has a beautiful and wonderful user interface with colors that are suitable and comfortable for all users, as the user interface of Whatsapp Kebal is one of the best interfaces and is very comfortable for the eyes.
Whatsapp Kebal is a free application from the first day it was released to this day. You can download it, use it, and start sending it to friends and family for free without paying. It does not include ads either.
Also, the application is very easy to download and update via our website in a very easy way. You can download the application without the need for an email or an account on the Google Play Store, and you can also update it through this site.
And the application is always being developed by the work team, so when any new update is issued, you will find additional improvements within the application and new features and features, and its developers are constantly working to improve the application to suit all users, and developers are always working to fix problems.

Whatsapp Kebal features:

  • Whatsapp Kebal against the ban.
  • Activity that appears and disappears. 
  • feature to prevent deleting messages.
  • The feature of quick translation
  • Featured downloads: visual stories and images.
  • The ability to extend the status upload time beyond 30 seconds.
  • Make a group video call with friends and family.
  • Distinctive to show deleted cases
  • Hide View Status Option
  • WhatsApp has a feature that allows you to disable Internet access.
  • Distinguished by sending a group message to more than 250 contacts,
  • The property of changing the application icon to an icon that suits you
  • Distinctive to change the icon of notifications or messages. 
  • A feature to change the look and style of WhatsApp to a style that suits you.
  • There are a large number of different themes that you can use.
  • Distinguished by making calls and sending messages for free,
  • The Whatsapp Kebal application is free and does not need to be paid for.
  • distinctive for converting messages without showing that they are converted.
  • Hide writing that is distinct
  • Hide that you are at the top of the audio clip.
  • The feature of showing the two blue health checks only after replying
  • The shape of the blue health has changed in a noticeable way.
  • The ability to prevent someone from contacting you.
  • Separate WhatsApp lock with a secret code.
  • lock whatsapp pattern.
  • Distinctive changes the background of conversations.
  • Alter the lock wallpaper
  • Hide the media display in black
  • Distinguished plays the audio clip automatically.
  • The feature to keep WhatsApp connected appears when everyone is connected, even if you are outside the application.
  • Distinctive hides messages and conversations.
For the sake of user safety, a lot of features and additions have been developed and added to Whatsapp Kebal. You can now download Whatsapp Kebal, the latest version of Whatsapp Kebal, version v24, via our website, and we advise you to download the copy from our website and not download it from another site for the sake of user safety.

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